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søndag den 9. januar 2011

live by your own rules

just went to the cinema with my mom and we watched 'eat pray love' and I can tell you guys! it is far beyond  the most amazing film!! and greatest two and a half hours I have spent in a red padded seat.. ;)
I'm really spirtual and into everything that has to do with spirtuality. so for me, this film was just SO incrediable! I loved that it was not one of those typical american-cliché-movies where you have it all figured out before even entering the  the cinema..

the message is like: go do it, take risks, loose yourself, ekspress yourself, live by your own rules. don't sit and wait for things to happen, go out and do it! fulfill your dreams... 

GOSH I'm completely overwelmed with feelings and admire.. it is absolutely astonishing! and what I love about most, is the food for thought it leaves you with and of course the ebulient feeling and mood it put you in!

GO watch it if you haven't yet

et bon nuit

sui elise

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