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torsdag den 22. september 2011

show me what I'm looking for

enjoying this sunny afternoon from my french balcony in the heart of copenhagen. enjoying coffee and cigarettes while listening to spanish/portuguese music playing from my record player, filling me with inspiration and poetic lyrics.. preparing for a lovely weekend and for being a host of dinner guests tonight. I invited my family over for a delicious, but simple autumn dinner - making a creamy mixed mushroom risotto with sprinkles of parsley and parmesan cheese. accompanied by great red wine from italy. yummy! :)

I also sit and write on my goals for the nearest future.. in about one year from now I will be writing my bachelor thesis in public health nutrition and food policy - and I'm more than excited! I can't believe it has almost been two and a half year I have completed. time is passing SO fast!

Still annoyed because of my missing camera (it got stolen on my trip to barcelona, this summer), and my insurance company are so busy because of all the rain damages on the houses and basements during our crazy wet summer this year! So I have not heard from them yet and I'm on the edge of survival because I MISS IT SOOO MUCH! I'm about to become unglued!:( I want the coverage money for it, so I can rush out and by a new one. hopefully it want take long, but I have waited for a month now and I really need it to be able to express myself creatively again.. miss shooting photos!!
but anyways, crossing my limbs and fingers and toes that I will get a new one soon :)

great thursday to you guys! <3

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